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Box 0, Blaine Lake, SK
Canada, S0J 0J0
Tel/Fax: (306) 497-2770

A decorative design, a work of art with the Ukrainian motif known as the pysanka.

Our egg-shaped logo represents an embryo of Ukrainian genealogical interests - preserving family names while respecting our ancestors for future generations.
Individuals record family units from progenitors, and unite their progeny in a world setting. The evergreen, fresh and vigorous at all times, gives ancestral roots that make one inquire about their family past.
The trunk and roots are connecting links to the family today.
Branches are extension lines of family descent of the future.
The acorn's potential is immeasurable.
Our heritage comes from the soil of Ukraine, and by choice the Americas and other lands offered opportunity to our ancestors. There is a high responsibility today on this soil that holds our birthright, but Ukraine is in our hearts.