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Lac Ste Anne Local Histories
the white settler's story

This was part of the area known as Rupert's Land, which the government of Canada acquired from the Hudson's Bay Company in 1870. The land was surveyed for settlement, and  settlers poured in from all over. The Metis and Native Indians continued to live here, but they were surrounded by English speaking settlers. With time, they too adopted the English language and customs of their neighbors. The published histories of the area are nearly all written in English and told from the settlers' point of view. 

Histories listed at Alberta Family Histories Society and at Our Roots 
Biographies of local families are often mentioned in local histories.
(Scanned copies of the underlined titles may be read online.)

Alberta Beach Region
Spirit and Trails of Lac Ste. Anne
Alberta Beach & District Pioneers and Archives Society, 1982
599 Yes CPL,G

Calahoo & District 1842-1955
Calahoo Trails
Dalheim, Mrs K.; Calahoo Women's Institute, 1955 313 No CPL,MACKU/C,G

Early Days of Darwell, Alberta [typed manuscript]
Robertson, John, 1985; 971.233R547 PAA

Lac Ste. Anne
History of Local Government
Lac Ste. Anne, 1960
90 No MACK U/C,G

Lac Ste. Anne
Lac Ste. Anne Sakahigan [In French?]
Drouin, Emeric O, 1914; Editions de l'Ermitage, 1973;
282.7123D838L PAA

Lac Ste. Anne
Spirit and Trails of Lac Ste. Anne
Alberta Beach & District Pioneers and Archives Society, 1982
599 Yes CPL,G; 971.233Sp48 PAA

Lac Ste. Anne
West of the Fifth
Archives Committee, Lac Ste. Anne District; Institute of Applied Art Ltd., 1959;  233 No CPL, MACK U/C; 971.233L11901 PAA

Inkwells & School Bells
Kezar, J., Mayerthorpe School, 1977; 124 Yes CPL  

Mayerthorpe Region
Three Trails Home
Mayerthorpe & District History Book Society
Inter-Collegiate Press, 1980
613  Yes CPL, MACKU/C

Onoway and District
In Retrospect: A century of education in Onoway & district 1904-2004
Onoway & District Historical Guild, 2004

Onoway and District
Pathfinders, The
Onoway & District Historical Society; Onoway Branch, Women's Institute, 1984 [1978?]; 693 No CPL, MACKU/C,G; 971.233On6 PAA

Rich Valley
Rich Valley School Reunion 1909-1950
H-Like Printing Northern, 1988

Riviere Qui Barre
Wheels of Time: A history of Riviere Qui Barre
Fitzgerald, Walter P.

Lantern Era, The
Sangudo & District History Society, 1979
830 Yes CPL, MACKU/C,G; 971.233Sa58 PAA

New Horizons: an expanded and updated history of Sangudo and surrounding areas, building on the history presented in The Lantern Era, 1979
by Sangudo Area 2001 History Book Society OCLC: 54692955

(By Inter-Library Loan, you may be able to borrow the books that are not online as scanned images. The last letters indicate the repositories, mostly Calgary Public Library, University of Calgary, Glenbow, Provincial Archives of Alberta. The words Yes and No indicate whether the book has an index.)

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