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a) Promote a sense of identity for families who have connections originating in Ukraine and those who have been affected by such origin.

b) Encourage individuals and families to research their family tree.

c) Provide assistance to individuals or families who request help with their ancestral lineage.

d) Encourage individuals to write their personal histories as well as those of their ancestors.

e) Function as a historical resource center to collect and preserve the family history of our heritage for future generations.

f) Emphasize the value of Ukrainian language, through the written and spoken word.

g) Encourage fellowship on a local, provincial, state, national, and international level.

h) Encourage the formation of genealogical chapters promoting the preservation of Ukrainian heritage.

i) Collect family histories, pedigree charts, family group sheets, books, manuscripts, pertaining to Ukrainian genealogy and heraldry.


With each generation there is a growing urgency to provide descendants of Ukrainian pioneers with information about their heritage. Preserve the genealogical links with Ukraine. Maintain a resource center of data to research family lines.


A resource center for family surname registry. We strive to maintain communications with Ukraine, and provide access for interested members to research original sources. We encourage all Ukrainians to record and submit their lineage to the Society and join the world's largest family tree as a tribute to our Ukrainian pioneers who left Ukraine and settled in many parts of the world.

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