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Special Area 4 is in the dry belt of south-eastern Alberta, south of Provost County. It is difficult farming country, and only the strong have survived and prospered. It was first settled in 1900-1915, and by 1925 some settlers were starting to move out to moister regions with fewer grasshoppers.

Alberta Special Area 4 
Alberta Special Areas Administration   Map of Special Area 4   

Communities: Altario, Consort, Compeer, Cousins, Ensleigh, Hemaruka, Idamay, Kirriemuir, Little Gem, Lloyds Hill, Loyalist, Monitor, Neutral Valley, Pemukan, Sounding Lake, Veteran, Wiste

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Special Area Number 4 Histories
Histories listed at Alberta Family Histories Society and at Our Roots 
Biographies of local families are often mentioned in local histories.
(Scanned copies of the underlined titles may be read online.)

Altario, Compeer, Kirriemuir
Pioneer Heritage of Kerriemuir, Altario & Compeer - Index 
E: Bill Brocklesby, 1973 112 No MACKU/C,G

The Great Lone Land
Consort's Fifty Years of Progress, 1912-1962 E.: Coulton, Hadwin, George, McCarthy,1962 89 No CPL,MACKU/C,G

The Sunny Side of the Neutrals - History of Consort and district
E.; Bessie Smith, Association of Consort & District Seniors, 1983 619 Yes CPL,G

Hemaruka, Loyalist, Veteran 
Pictorial Album of Veteran, Loyalist, & Hemaruka - Index
E.: Elbe & Angus Anderson; Veteran Historical Society, 1979 272 Yes CPL,MACKU/C,G

Little Gem
Wind, Willows, & Prairie-Wool
Farm Women's Union of Alberta, Naco Local, 1967 -- No CPL,MACKU/C,G
Loyalist, Veteran
Where the Prairie Meets the Hills
Veteran Regional History, 1977 432 Yes CPL,MACKU/C,G

Monitor District
A Treasure of Memories
E.: Elaine Rutledge & Marion Liknes
Monitor L.A.C.C., 1975 682 No CPL,MACKU/C,G,BSSF

Wind, willows & prairie wool : then-- and now.
Publisher: Sedalia, AB : Sedalia Community Club, 2005.
ISBN: 1553830873 OCLC: 70778489

Memoirs of Veteran
Jubilee Publicity Committee, 1969 -- No CPL,G

(By Inter-Library Loan, you may be able to borrow the books that are not online as scanned images. The last letters indicate the repositories, mostly Calgary Public Library, University of Calgary, Glenbow. The words Yes and No indicate whether the book has an index.)

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Special Area 4 Digital Archives
Please visit the online digital archives where you will find: Biographies, Local History Book Indexes, Cemeteries, 
Community Histories, Land Records, Place Names, Obituaries,  and other records as they become available

Donate your historical material to the digital archives and assist other genealogy researchers!!
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Please report any website problems or items of interest to
Bill Buchanan, Special Area 4 Genweb Coordinator

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