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Parkland County local history books
(mostly listed at Alberta Family Histories Society and at Our Roots
Biographies of local families are often included in local histories.
(Scanned copies of the underlined titles may be read online.)

Carvel, Duffield, Wabamun
Hills of Hope -
Carvel Unifarm, 1976 548 Yes CPL,MACKU/C,G,BSSF;
971.233H559 PAA

Carvel, Duffield, Wabamun
Hills of Hope : The Next Generation 1940-2000
Hills of Hope Society, 2002

Entwistle and Evansburg Region
Foley Trail -
Pembina Lobstick Historical Society, 1984, 2 volumes 1104 Yes CPL ;
971.233F699 PAA

Souvenir of Entwistle, Alberta 1915
917.1233So89 PAA

Northwest Quarter of Thirty Six, The
Webber, Franklin M., 1964 247 No G

E.: Wilma K Millar & Queenie A Palmer, 1987 218 Yes CPL,G

Letters of a Swedish Homesteader
Tomeus, Edwin; Library & Archives Committee of the Multicultural Heritage Centre, 1983 53 No CPL,G

Parkland County
Patterns of Homesteader Settlement: A case study
Beaupre, Anne de; [1979?]; 325.71233B384 PAA

Seba Beach

Political History of Seba Beach
Deane, Stanley G; 1978; 971.233D346 PAA

Seba Beach
Wind in the Sails : The Edmonton Yacht Club 1923-1981
Lemieux, Margaret, 1981; 797.124L543 PAA

Spruce Grove and District
As the Roots Grow
Lunan, Esther; Spruce Grove Library, 1980 601 Yes CPL,MACKU/C,G; 971.233As1s PAA

Spruce Grove 
A Historical Sketch of St Andrews United Church 1920-1970
 St Andrews United Church, Spruce Grove, Alberta [1975]
287.92 Sp88 PAA; HSS

Spruce Grove
A History of the Spruce Grove Alliance Church 1945-1995
Ibsen, Stuart

Spruce Grove
St Mathews Evangelical Lutheran Church, Spruce Grove, Alberta, 75th Anniversary 1891-1966
Fischer, Emil; 1966; 284.1097123F522 PAA

Stony Plain & District
Along the Fifth
Stony Plain & District Historical Society, Inter-Collegiate Press, 1982 653 Yes MACKU/C,G

Stony Plain
Anniversary in Gold: 1908-1973
Stony Plain Golden Age Club, 1973 147 No CPL,G ;  971.233 St72 PAA

 Stony Plain
Faith and Love in Action: Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Stony Plain 1938-1988
284.171233 St72e PAA

Stony Plain
Fiftieth Aniversary of St Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church, Stony Plain, Alberta
Raedke, G. H.;[1944?] 284.171233 S22a PAA

Stony Plain
A History of Stony Plain, Alberta 
E.: Sharon Bignell; Opportunities for Youth,Know Your Neighbour Project Parkland Regional Arts Committee, 1971 --- No CPL,G; 971.233 H629s PAA

Stony Plain
Home-Grown Heroes: A Decade of Kids in Action: A pictorial essay
Montgomery, Gord; Stony Plain Reporter; 1999

Stony Plain  
Life Was a Bowl of Chokecherries: The Colourful Past of the Parkland County  [This one might be a waste of time. - Bill]
Creative Writers' Workshop, 1980 53 No G

Stony Plain  
Many Faces - One Heart; Stories of Stony Plain
Knupp, Margit; Multicultural Heritage Centre, 1999; 971.233 H46 PAA

Stony Plain
My Memories
Wood, Cornelia R.

Stony Plain  
Places of Historical Interest: A walking tour of old Stony Plain
[1982]; 971.233 C831 PAA

Stony Plain  
Seventy-fifth Anniversary of St Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church, Stony Plain, Alberta
[1969]; 284.171233 St72sm PAA

Stony Plain  
Souvenir Program: Stony Plain, Alberta 50th Anniversary 1908-1958
Woods, Richard H; Bryant, Fred; [1958]; 971.233 St72s PAA

Stony Plain  
St Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church, Stony Plain, Alberta: A Ninety Year History
Baron, Eric, 1984; 284.171233 St72sn PAA

Stony Plain  
St Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church, Stony Plain, Alberta: Fiftieth Anniversary of Christian Day School, June 25, 1961
1961; 284.171233 St72mf 1961 PAA

Tomahawk Trails -
Tomahawk Trails Book Club & Silver Tops Club, 1974 612 Yes CPL,G,BSSF

Wabamun and District
Wabamun and District Presents: A brief history of Wabamun's 50 golden years 1912-1962
Stony Plain reporter, [1962]; 971.233 W111 PAA

Memory Trails of Winterburn - Index
Winterburn Women's Institute, 1977 197 Yes CPL,MACKU/C,G

(By Inter-Library Loan, you may be able to borrow the books that are not online as scanned images. The last letters indicate the repositories, mostly Calgary Public Library, University of Calgary, Glenbow, Provincial Archives of Alberta. The words Yes and No indicate whether the book has an index.)

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